Stylish Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC

Moshi LUNA Keyboard for Mac and PC

Whenever you buy a PC, there are several so-called peripheral devices which you have to buy as well. These are usually a keyboard, a monitor, a mouse, and so on. Usually, people go for regular devices but what if you want something fancier? Let’s take keyboards, for example. If you’re typing a lot, you’re gonna need a smooth, comfortable keyboard. And it has other features, like backlight, that makes it even more desirable.

That’s where our review may be helpful. Among all different keyboards on the market, we’d like to recommend you the product from a famous mobile accessory brand. This is Luna by Moshi.

Although this is a wired keyboard, it has quite a few innovative features. First of all, it is the backlight. Even if you have to sit through the night and work on something, you’ll have an enjoyable typing experience. The keyboard itself is dark and the pleasant, laser-etched light illuminates every button, so you wouldn’t miss it. Besides, the brightness level can be adjusted to your liking.

Furthermore, the construction of Luna is ideal for working in the office or at home. Most importantly, the keyboard isn’t flat. It is placed with a 9-degree tilt angle. Such ergonomic design is actually a huge advantage because your hands won’t be so tensed while typing. In addition, every key of Luna is very responsive. In fact, Luna uses optimized scissor-key mechanism which provides instantaneous tactile responsiveness.

Finally, Luna is a universal keyboard. With a 1.5m cable you can connect it to any PC whether it is a regular Windows device, Apple iMac or Microsoft Surface Studio. It supports all multimedia function keys for macOS and Windows which makes working on Luna even simpler.

To sum it up, Luna by Moshi is a wonderful choice. Of course, there are a lot of keyboards on the market but Luna is definitely worth checking out. With its quick functionality, soothing backlight and convenient design it won’t disappoint you.

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