High Speed Incase Power Bank – Portable Power 2500

In the world filled with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, charging power has become an essential resource. We’ve all been in these awkward situations when you must make a call but your phone is dead. Thankfully, some geniuses invented power banks – portable mobile accessories which carry the power within them. They allow us to charge most devices on the go. One complaint that people have about them is charging speed – it takes some time to fully charge your smartphone from them. That’s where our next review can help.

This is Portable Power 2500 from a famous brand Incase. This power bank doesn’t seem very distinguishable at first sight but there are some cool features about it. First of all, it is quite compact. With 7 inches in length, it is like a phablet which you can carry in a pocket of your bag or a backpack. It is also very soft to touch die to the special coating. Let’s be honest, it’s always nice to hold such accessories in your hands.

High Speed Incase Power Bank

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But the main thing about Portable Power 2500 is its functionality. It’s hard to impress customers with a power bank but it can be done. And this one is the brightest example. Portable Power 2500 is all about speed. Wherever you are, you can charge your devices really fast. Actually, the speeds are almost twice higher compared to regular wall sockets.

The power bank is compatible with most USB-enabled devices. As long as you have a cable for your device, you’re good to go. The power bank is fitted with one universal USB-port. Besides, unlike many other power banks, this one doesn’t get charged from wall power sockets. Instead, it’s an integrated USB cable, so you can connect it to a computer or laptop.

So, Portable Power 2500 is only one among many other power banks on the market. But it really stands out among this grey mass because of its portability, practicality and charging speed. Once again, Incase offers a real pearl of a mobile accessory for any smartphone or tablet owner.

Incase Power Bank, review

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