iPhone Will be The First AR Enabled Smartphone

Last year Tim Cook admitted that Apple was more interested in augmented rather than virtual reality. The main difference between them is that augmented or mixed reality uses the objects from the real world as surfaces for the virtual objects. And it seems like Apple is really focused on this area.

According to a report from Bloomberg, iPhone 8 will be the first AR-enabled smartphone. What’s more, after the release of iPhone 8 we’ll see Apple’s own AR glasses with the same capabilities. The report says that many engineers are working on this trying to integrate AR technology into the iPhone’s camera. One thing that Apple is studying the hardest is being able to take a photograph and then change its depth or the depth of the objects on it. Plus, Apple is exploring various virtual effects, like singling out one object on the picture and tilting it around.

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AR-glasses is another company’s intention. Unlike other AR devices on the market, the Apple’s product will be lightweight and thin. The main question is putting all the software inside such small body. And this is the job of a professional team of experts, led by a former executive of Dolby Laboratories. Plus, these engineers had experience working on Oculus and HoloLens headsets, so we know this field well. Anyway, the fact that Apple is exploring new technologies is fantastic and the prospect of iPhone 8 being integrated with AR is simply remarkable.

Apple AR-Glasses Will Come Out After iPhone 8

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