Functional Selfie Case for iPhone 7 / 7 plus

Selfie Case for iPhone 7

Every time you take selfie, you have to look presentable. Unfortunately, selfies can’t be always great. Most frontal cameras can’t fully capture everything in poorly lit conditions or at night. That’s the weakness of most devices even including iPhones. Therefore, portable lights are quite popular among selfie fans. But what if you could combine lighting with protection for your smartphone? That’s right, meet Case Mate Allure Selfie Case for iPhone 7.

It goes without saying that all iPhone 7 / 7 plus (iPhone 6 and 6s as well) users, who love selfies, will enjoy this functional accessory. It has a fashionable, eye-catching colour with elegant design. But this isn’t the most important part. Allure Selfie case is notable for its functionality. First of all, it features professional LED lighting accompanied with adjustable light dimmer. That way, there’s no doubt that you’ll take a high-quality picture in any conditions. Besides, a long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures smooth functioning for several hours.

Second of all, Allure case comes with one helpful detail which can be literally a salvation for many selfie fans. Sometimes, smartphones slip out of hands when you can’t hold them properly. But this case took care of this problem – it has a built-in rotating ring. Whenever you want to take a selfie, just stick your finger in the ring and you’ll never drop your smartphone no matter how clumsy you are. And even if it does fall, the case can protect it. That’s why there are 2 layers of shockproof materials for maximum safety. They won’t protect your iPhone if it falls from massive heights but there’s enough protection against accidental drops. This is a smartphone case after all.

So, Allure Selfie Case isn’t just a safety accessory for your iPhone, it is a must-have product for young people who take selfies all the time. It brings light to make every selfie magical.

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