Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Price, Deals

One of the main features of the upcoming Samsung S8 and S8 Plus will be a virtual assistant Bixby. Until this day, the Korean company didn’t provide any details about its functionality. Eventually, Samsung couldn’t wait until the announcement and revealed the information about Bixby.

According to Samsung, Bixby offers a new way of communication between the user and the smartphone. There are 3 key characteristics which single out Bixby from other voice assistants:

  • Completeness – once the app is integrated with Bixby, it copes with all tasks that the app usually does with touch control;
  • Context awareness – whenever Bixby is called upon, it understands the context and the state of the application. Users will be able to mix different types of interaction including touch or voice control;
  • Cognitive Tolerance – Bixby is intelligent enough to understand the meaning of the command at once. Users won’t need to memorize exact commands because Bixby reats even when the command isn’t full.

Both soon-to-be-released smartphones will have a calling button for activating Bixby. This will help avoid any confusions and complete all task as fast as possible.

In the beginning, Bixby will be supported by most pre-installed apps on Galaxy S8 and their number will continue to grow. Later, Samsung plans to release a set of tools which will allow users to optimize their apps to integrate with Bixby. Plus, Bixby will be available on other appliances from Samsung including TVs or air conditioners.

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