iPhone 7 Accessory for Better Sound

iPhone 7 Accessory

For every iPhone 7 user listening to music on the phone is a bit more complicated than usual. As there is no headphone jack, the owners have to buy adapters. The market now is filled with such accessories but most of them offer simple connectivity. But there is an adapter especially for music enthusiasts because it enhances the sound quality considerably.

It is called RES and it’s been recently launched on Kickstarter. This compact accessory has 3.5mm and Lightning ports, a built-in receiver for wireless charging and a 24-bit digital-to-analogue converter with a huge frequency range – 192kHz. As a result, the sound becomes much more powerful and clear. Apart from that, RES converter is equipped with a noise-cancelling system and users can choose themselves the efficiency of noise cancelling.

Furthermore, RES offers a couple of options for charging your iPhone 7. Firstly, it has a Lightning port, so users can listen to music via headphones and charge the phone at the same time. Secondly, we mentioned that RES is integrated with Qi wireless charging. It means that you can plug the RES converter in your iPhone 7, put it on a Qi-enabled charging stand and the process will begin.

RES adapter can be pre-ordered now for $20. The shipments begin in May.

Source: kickstarter.com

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