Twelve South Headphones and Gadgets Charging Stand

The audio electronics market is getting filled with one particular item – wireless headphones. This type of device is gaining immense popularity because of its practicality and functionality. Even big tech companies, like Apple or HTC, leave their smartphones without 3.5mm jacks to propel their own wireless headphones. But if there’s one problem with them, it would be battery time. Bluetooth headphones have to be charged regularly. And if you’re looking for a fancy charging accessory, you might want to look at the following universal Charger for different gadgets and mobile devices – Twelve South Fermata Headphone Charging Stand.

Actually, this is a rarity because there aren’t so many charging stands for headphones on the market. But Fermata is definitely one of the best. This is a stylish accessory which has two parts: a rounded base and a “pole” with a saddle on top of it. Only high-quality aluminium was used in making this accessory. For charging your wireless headphones, you just need to place them on the soft, leather-covered saddle and connect them.

Charging Accessory for iPhone and Wireless Headphones

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Furthermore, when you have a pair of high-end headphones, you have to treat them accordingly. That’s why instead of throwing them on the desk or putting in a drawer, you can use Fermata stand. As a result, your headphones aren’t only being charged, they are also beautifully displayed.

The second advantage of this stand comes in its base. There is a built-in USB port that can be used for charging other mobile devices, Smartphones or Tablets. Fermata already comes with a cable that is conveniently wrapped underneath the base. It means that Fermata serves as a multifunctional accessory – it showcases your headphones, charges them and doesn’t forget about your smartphone or table charging them as well.

So, Twelve South Fermata is something that you rarely see on the mobile accessory market. This reliable and elegant product will add class to your house and satisfy all your charging needs.

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