Apple iPhone 7 / 8 Is The Best Selling Smartphone

The research company Kantar Worldpanel published a report about the smartphone sales numbers in the first quarter. According to the report, the best-selling smartphone in this period was iPhone 7 / 8. Apple’s latest creation dominated not only the U.S. market but also the European. In fact, among the top 5 biggest markets in Europe the share of Apple increased from 2.4% to 22.7%. The same goes for Android smartphones – their shares also went up in all countries, except the USA.

In addition, the report says that Android and iOS are getting even bigger on the market pushing out other operating systems. Windows smartphones comprise less than 1% on several countries. In the USA, their share decreased from 2.6% to 1.3%.

Apple iPhone 7 Is Best-Selling

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Speaking of particular countries, Japan and Australia have the biggest demand on Apple mobile devices. Almost half (49.5%) of the Japanese market is taken by Apple. The situation in Australia is practically the same – 42.4%. But the biggest market in the world – China – seems to like Apple devices less. Their share dropped by 8.4% because China has many rural areas where inhabitants prefer local brands.

So, iPhone 8 is really acquiring popularity and respect on most important world markets except China. Once again, Apple is proved to be the most recognizable brand on Earth.

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