New Apple AirPods Will Measure Heart Rate

AirPods became available not so long ago but already Apple seems to be working on the next generation of AirPods wireless headphones. And it will have a few innovative additions.

New AirPods Will Measure Heart Rate

A new patent from the Cupertino company describes the headphones fitted with several biometric sensors which will make AirPods smart. The patent mentions the headphones with body temperature, heart rate and tiredness detectors. As soon as the user puts the headphones in ears, the sensors contact the skin and measure everything. For example, heart rate is measured due to infra-red or light radiation. The same technology is used in AppleWatch. Obviously, all data, tracked by the headphones, can be seen on iPhone.

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The necessity of biometric sensors in headphones is another matter. Of course, this is useful for health but it seems like Apple should focus more on sound characteristic in their new AirPods. Still, the patent says that they will feature improved noise cancelling system which is always good news for headphones users. Let’s hope that the release of the second edition of AirPods won’t be delayed as much as the first one.

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