Functional Multi-Port Adapter for MacBook Laptops

One thing that MacBooks are criticized for is lack of connectivity options. One USB-C port is used for flash drives, charging cables and other connections. Not everyone has quite adapted to the latest USB standard, so people find it difficult to pair MacBooks with their other devices and accessories which still use USB 2.0 or 3.0. Plus, MacBooks don’t have slots for cards and there aren’t too many USB-C integrated card readers out there. Fortunately, there is a great option from Moshi Cardette Type-C card reader.

Moshi Cardette Type-C card reader is functional USB-C multi-port adapter (HDMI, USB C, USB) for MacBook Laptops. This white compact brick, which looks a bit like a power bank, can actually help many people who prefer MacBooks but still have to work with flash cards and other USB items. Cardette has an attached USB-C cable for inserting it straight into the port on MacBook. After that, you’ll have much more connectivity options for various needs.

Moshi Multifunctional Card Reader for MacBook

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Firstly, Cardette is equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports for regular flash drives or cables for connecting other devices. Without having any other USB-C products, you can connect your SSD or a memory stick to quickly transfer data from one place to the other. The speeds are quite normal and the connection is stable and seamless. This is an important accessory for many modern users who haven’t quite transitioned to USB-C standard yet. In case you need this thing on the road, you can put it in any bag because it’s very light and portable.

Secondly, on its side Cardette has three slots for flash cards. The ports support many different types, like CompactFlash, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard, SD, microSD, SDHC, and so on. This selection is a real treasure for many people because cards are used everywhere for memory expansion. Besides, Cardette supports very high data transfer speeds. It can effectively work with Ultra-High Speed memory cards or UDMA 7 CF cards at high speeds without data losses.

So, Moshi Cardette USB-C is a pretty handy accessory for MacBook owners. Buying an Apple laptops will eventually lead to buying accessories for it and in terms of connectors, Cardette is one of the best.

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