Montblanc Premium Smartwatch Came Out

A few days ago TAG Heuer released their new smartwatch Modular Connected 45 with impressive characteristics and equally impressive price of $1650. Smartwatches have already become fashion accessories, which makes companies with different specialisations turn to technology. As a result, Modular Connected 45 has now a serious contender on the market which comes not even from a tech company.

The German brand Montblanc, more famous for manufacturing other luxury products, leather goods, perfumery or watches, unveiled their smart device. The smartwatch got the name Montblanc Summit. The device will be more similar to classic watches with traditional clockfaces. Still, there will be a lot of cool software inside this smartwatch. It’s fitted with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display (400×400 resolution), runs on Android Wear 2.0 and has 512MB RAM along with 4GB of storage. The watch is powered by the 300mAh battery and its body is IP68 protected from dust and water. This is quite enough for safe hand washing and walking in the rain.

Other notable features include a built-in heart rate monitor, sapphire glass that protects the screen, barometer and Bluetooth. Users may be disappointed to know that Montblanc Summit doesn’t support NFC or GPS.

Despite some little drawbacks, Montblanc Summit is a real catch for a smartwatch lover. But they do cost a fortune – the price starts at $890.

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