Xiaomi Smart Fitness Station for Home Workouts

Xiaomi continues to spread its influence to other market segments. The company launched another crowdfunding project – it is a universal smart fitness station called MoveIt.

Obviously, with summer coming up, the interest to fitness is increasing. That’s why MoveIt came at the right time. The fitness station consists of an ab wheel, a jump rope, a couple of weights, an elastic rope and other items for home workouts. The design was prepared in cooperation with BMW Design Studio.
Xiaomi Smart Fitness

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The station has seven sensors which track user’s activity. They determine how many times a certain exercise was done and show main health indicators. All information is available in the accompanying app. It allows users to follow their training progress, the amount of burned calories, and so on. The set also includes a video tutorial from the best fitness instructors. By the way, all the health data can be streamed on Smart TV along with the video tutorial. MoveIt costs around 1300 yuan. Provided the fundraising campaign is successful, every backer will receive this smart fitness station by May.

Xiaomi Smart Fitness Station

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