First 3D-Printed Wireless Speaker

The company V-Moda, famous for their premium headphones, introduced the world’s first 3D-printed wireless speaker. Also, this is the first device of its kind with a built-in amplifier for headphones. The speaker can be used with high-impedance headphones as the amplifier provides 83 mW through each channel. What’s more, the V-Moda Remix supports voice assistants, like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

With the size of 205 х 65 х 68mm, V-Moda Remix isn’t the smallest device but it’s still quite compact (710g of weight). As the speaker was printed on a 3D-printer, its body can be customized. Users can choose different 3D-printed plates made of various materials. There are even luxurious versions with plates made of 14-carat gold or platinum.

The speaker itself has a wide frequency range (20Hz – 20kHz) and fitted with two 10W dynamics. V-Moda Remix is a Bluetooth speaker, so it connects with smartphones or tablets and streams music from there. Battery time, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 10 hours of audio playback. Lastly, the speaker has two headphone jacks for private music listening and a USB-C port for charging.

V-Moda Remix is available for $300. The plate prices vary from $40 to $370 000 depending on the design and materials.

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