Solar-Powered Cap for Charging Mobile Devices

Solar-Powered Cap for Charging Mobile Devices

Portable charging devices with solar panels came out just a few years ago. They allow users to power their smartphones and tablets almost everywhere provided there is enough sunlight contacting with the panel. And American startup SolSol used this technology and integrated a solar panel into one of the most popular summer clothing items – a baseball cap.

SolSol gives all users an opportunity to charge their mobile gadgets on the go. The solar panel in this “device” is fitted in the brim. The cable goes from the side of the cap right to the smartphone or tablet. Users can still operate the devices or just put them in the pocket. SolSol works with iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, GoPro, wireless speakers, headphones, and so on.

The panel supports the approximate charging speed of 200mAh per hour. And this isn’t the limit. The manufacturers plan to increase charging speed experimenting with different sizes and shapes. Another important feature of SolSol is its environmental friendliness. By using this hat, every user makes a contribution reducing carbon footprint.

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