Headphone Audio Enchancer Gadget For Sound Performance

Despite the diversity on the headphones market, most of us use affordable devices with very poor sound quality. Of course, everyone would love to have a top-notch pair of headphones but they are quite expensive. And let’s be honest, some of your favourite songs deserve the best quality possible. However, even if you’re stuck with ordinary headphones, you can make them sound much better with the following accessory – BoomCloud 360 BroomStick.

BoomCloud Broomstick is a portable audio enhancer with amazing capabilities. There 3 main audio features of BroomStick:

  • Psychoacoustic Bass – it makes low frequencies richer;
  • High Frequency Contouring – it focuses on definition bringing out all colours and details;
  • Sound Field Expansion – it widens the stereo level and lets you immerse into music.

Smartphone Accessory for Better Sound Performance

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The users can select 3 different sound modes: Bypass (regular sound without being enhanced), BOOM (increased volume, bass, clarity) and BOOST (even more enhancement in all areas). Just press the main button and the sound will be transformed.

This is a quite compact accessory and it works well with any mobile devices fitted with 3.5mm connectors (Bluetooth speakers, car stereos, smartphones, etc.). As a result, when you want to listen to some tunes from your smartphones, you just have to plug BroomStick into the 3.5mm jack and then plug the headphones or a wireless speaker into the enhancer. In the end, you’ll enjoy immersive audio experience due to your small music companion.

So,BoomCloud BroomStick audio enhancer is a tiny dongle that can help you a lot. Even cheap headphones can sound like premium ones with the help of BroomStick. That’s why don’t rush into buying super-cool, expensive headphones just buy BroomStick and the effect will be same almost the same.

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