Visa Smart Glasses for Contactless Payment

Despite the development and popularization of mobile payment systems of Samsung and Apple, not everybody is used to the possibility of paying for purchases with a smartphone or smartwatch. But Visa offered an even more curious way to do that. During the SXSW 2017 conference the company presented a prototype of smart sunglasses. They are fitted with a NFC chip which supports contactless payment.

The working principle is the same as we see in other mobile devices. The NFC chip is actually the only mechanical thing in these glasses. Aside from that, this is a regular accessory that protects eyes from the sun. According to Visa representatives, Visa is really trying make people’s lives easier. By taking unusual items, like glasses and rings, and turning them into smart payment devices, Visa revolutionizes the market and attracts the audience.

So far, these smart glasses are only a prototype. Visa is currently studying the demand level on them and talking with big brands and banks about sponsorship. As we can see, even credit cards may become obsolete in the future. Instead, we’ll have many smart devices that we’ll do job for us.

Visa Smart Glasses for Contactless Payment

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