Onite Universal OTG Type Flash Drive for Mobile Devices

We all know that keeping your files only on a computer isn’t the safest idea. If something bad happens, everything will be lost forever. Thankfully, we have cloud storages or memory devices now to store back-up copies of all files there. Depending on your needs, you can choose anything, from high-capacity SSDs or portable flash drives. The latter is probably the most widespread option because it’s compact, practical and compatible with all USB-enabled devices.

Besides, we need to take into account that USB standards are developing. The most advanced of them now is USB-C. Such ports can be spotted on MacBooks, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. And there are also flash drives with this type of connector. But what if you had a universal flash drive with more than one connectivity option? Yes, this is possible with Onite Dual Flash Drive.

Universal Flash Drive for Mobile Devices

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This accessory really stands out and not only because of its functionality. First of all, it has an eye-catching style. The silver colour makes it look like something luxurious which it obviously isn’t. The exterior is made of metal – it ensures durability. Plus, it has a circular-shaped design. On its end there is a ring for convenience, attaching this flash drive to other items. Given that Onite is quite small, it suits well for a keychain. It can also be worn on briefcases, badge holders, and so on. That way, you will never lose unless you lose your whole keychain.
The metal construction isn’t the only thing that guarantees reliability. The Onite is fitted with original Samsung chip. It makes sure that the flash drive serves you loyally for a long time. In fact, it supports rewritable 1 million times.

Flash Drive for MacBook

Now, we’re coming to the main distinction of this accessory – its “duality”. It features a 360° swivel cap design. On both ends of the cap there are USB connectors. Firstly, it is a USB Type-A 3.0 – the most regular one that is featured on most memory sticks available on the market. Of course, all PCs and most laptops have USB-ports on them, so they work fine with this flash drive. What’s more, this one trumps its competitors in one area – file transmission rate. In fact, it delivers the speed of 5Gbps which is enough to transmit huge files in a blink of an eye. Basically, you can fill all 16Gb in this drive for less than 30 seconds.

USB Flash Drive for Mobile Devices

Secondly, the other end of the cap (which is concealed when one of them is being used) is a USB-C connector. This standard is becoming more popular today because of its incomparable safety and data transfer characteristics. For example, Apple fits all their MacBooks and iMacs with USB-C ports. The laptops form other brands (Dell, Lenovo, Google Chromebook) have such ports as well, and not only laptops. Actually, plenty of modern smartphones are USB-C integrated. The list includes such names as Google Pixel, Lumia, LG G5, HTC 10, and so on.
If you do have one of these devices, you are in for a treat. Whenever you want to watch a movie or listen to some music from your flash drive, you can just plug into the USB-C port on your smartphone and enjoy.

Universal USB Flash Drive for smartphones

Apart from the flash drive itself, all buyers get a welcome guide and a 1-year warranty just in case. And don’t forget amazing customer service – a key to success of any brand. If you want to return the flash drive in the first 30 days of use, you are entitled to the full refund due to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, with its versatility, compactness and style Onite Dual Flash Drive is a real catch for any PC or laptop owner. Moreover, even smartphone users can join the club now. All your files will be securely stored and can be played whenever you want to. And you can easily switch from a regular PC to a MacBook without changing anything because this is a universal flash drive.
Onite Flash Drive is available for purchase on Amazon.

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