Top 5 Metal Detectors for Travelers

If you’re a keen traveler and you like sneaking around unexplored places, you might also like treasure hunting. It is a bit like fishing, only instead of catching fish, you “catch” different objects dug up in the ground which may have some considerable value. Treasure hunters are like little brothers of archaeologists because they can also find something in historical significance. Similar to fishing or archaeology, treasure hunting requires certain equipment and the most important item here is a metal detector. These devices allow you to locate metal objects underground. For everyone, who only begins there treasure hunting adventures, metal detectors all seem the same but there are the good ones and there are not really good ones. That’s why for this article we picked 5 best metal detectors for all kinds of activities.

Minelab X-Terra 305. This machine really stands out for its inverted design – the control box is located above the S-curve of the detector which changes weight distribution without putting pressure on your wrist. Plus, its low weight (1.3kg) makes X-Terra 305 a convenient travelling companion. Other notable features include multi-tone targeting and multi-frequency coils.

Minelab X-Terra 305

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505. Although this metal detector is aimed towards beginners and has a simple, lightweight design, Pioneer 505 can impress even experienced treasure hunters. Four different audio tones will signal of the proximity to the “treasure”. Plus, the graphic target ID recognized all kinds of metal objects. Metal detecting veterans will also appreciate free-twisting sensitivity and discrimination knobs.

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505

Teknetics Delta 4000. Teknetics is famous brand in this field and its new Delta 4000 will leave both beginners and professionals. Comfortable construction makes it easy for carrying. Two types of target ID – numeric and graphic – guarantee precision and successful searching. Sensitivity settings and custom notching focus only on necessary objects ignoring litter.

Teknetics Delta 4000

Garrett Ace 250. This is a great choice for beginners. It’s light, comfortable and, most importantly, affordable. And it doesn’t affect its functionality. The display with graphic target ID is easily readable, 8 sensitivity levels ensure maximum precision and custom notching tells all objects apart. Besides, Garrett Ace 250 has one distinctive feature – a bell audio tone. It rings every time it detects something similar to a coin.

Garrett Ace 250

Fisher F4. If you’re looking for your first metal detector and you’re not afraid to spend a little bit more, Fisher F4 is the one for you. It’s easy to use, has a cool design, spots all targets underground (up to 1 foot) and sorts out treasure from trash. It has everything you need in a metal detector including four-tone audio, 11-category graphic target ID and the numeric one as well, manual ground balancing, and so on.

Fisher F4

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