Sony Smart Voice Control Wireless Headphones

The Sony’s research laboratory Future Lab unveiled the prototype of very interesting headphones at the conference SXSW 2017. This device is worn on a neck and it transmits targeted sound to the user’s ears. It means that you don’t have to put anything in your ears. The main idea of this concept was to create the music-listening device but keep the background noise during walking or bike riding.

The device has a code name Concept N. It’s connected to a smartphone or a music player via Bluetooth. Concept N has a couple of more interesting features. The gadget has a built-in camera that records everything that goes on in front of the user. Concept N is a voice-activated device – users won’t even have to take out a smartphone to make a call or control music.

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Besides, Concept N comes with a pair of cone-shaped headphones for those who are more used to traditional ways of listening to music. But even using them, users will hear external noises. Right now, Concept N is only a prototype, so it’s too early to talk of mass production.

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