Smartphone Accessory for Wireless Charging

Smartphone Accessory for Charging

Obviously, everyone heard about such thing as wireless charging. So far, we power all our mobile devices with corresponding accessories but in the future this type of charging may become obsolete. Even now, we hear rumours about iPhones and Samsung smartphones which already support wireless charging. And this is only the beginning.
As a result, we see numerous accessories on the market which provide this sort of charging. And one of them has really attracted our attention – this is WoodPuck from Fonesalesman.

First of all, you’re not mistaken – this rounded accessory, which does look like a hockey puck, really is made of wood. Only 100%-natural bamboo was used is crafting this accessory. Bamboo is famous for its strength and sturdiness and WoodPuck also has very solid build. Besides, this environmentally friendly design complements beautifully any desk or table. And it’s only 10cm in diameter, so it doesn’t take too much space.

Underneath the wooden exterior there are microUSB-port and plug. The Qi technology is discreetly concealed and there are no inconveniences with charging. Just connect WoodPuck to the power source, place your smartphone it and charging begins. If you placed it incorrectly, you’ll hear a sound that signals you about inefficient charging.

In terms of compatibility, WoodPuck works will all Qi-integrated smartphones and tablets. The list includes many big names, like iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus, Samsung S7 and S7 Edge, Google Pixel, and so on. Aside from mobile devices, WoodPuck can be used for another product from Fonesalesman – QiStone+, a completely wireless, 4 000mAh power bank.

So, WoodPuck isn’t something that you often see on the market. This smartphone accessory has quite a noticeable design accompanied with multiple compatibility options. If you smartphone supports wireless charging, you have to check out this WoodPuck.
Official video:

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