Best Selling Retro Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Apple-made wireless keyboard for Mac copes well with all tasks but some people may want something more. That’s why Lofree created their unique wireless mechanical keyboard with backlight and whimsically designed buttons. This Bluetooth Mechanical Vintage Keyboard with rechargeable battery designed for Mac, Android and Windows devices. From afar, the keyboard is similar to a typewriter.

Its retro design and rounded buttons can attract a lot of new customers. According to the manufacturer, Lofree is fully compatible with all Apple computers. Besides, the keyboard is equipped with a switch-off timer and can be connected to three different devices at the same time (there is a button for switching from one to another).

MAC Wireless Keyboard

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Another advantage is battery time. The manufacturer claims that Lofree can for 15 months without using the backlight or 30 days with the backlight at maximum brightness.

Lofree became a real hit on Indiegogo. The fundraising campaign isn’t over yet but the manufacturers have already received $260 000 of support. And if you want to support this product, visit its page on Indiegogo.


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