Best Flipper Universal Big Button Remote Control

Nowadays, in every household there is a TV set, sometimes even more than just one. But watching TV doesn’t come for free. Usually, customers have to choose between cable or satellite. But every time you get another signal receiver, you get an additional remote control. Naturally, too many of them can be an inconvenience. Plus, modern remotes are far too complicated. Young people probably can figure them out but the elderly will find it overwhelming. Your grandparents don’t need extra buttons for pausing, rewinding, and so on – they need simplicity. And just for such purposes there is a perfect product – Flipper Big Button Universal Remote.

Big-Button Remote Control

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To be honest, this seems like a very simple idea but it is extremely helpful. Flipper is a sleek, handy remote that sits comfortably in your hand. On its front, there are only 6 most important buttons: On/Off, Mute, and two pairs of buttons for switching channels and turning volume up and down. The buttons are big and difficult to miss. Even if the user has some eyesight issues, he’ll be able to operate the remote. What’s more, the buttons are colour-coded: On/Off is green, channels are blue and volumes are orange. This ensures once more that Flipper is the simplest remote control there is.

Another Flipper’s great advantage is its versatility. This jumbo remote works simultaneously with two different devices. It means that you no longer need several remotes at your house because you can do everything (more like basics, really) with one. That’s why Flipper is compatible with all kinds of cable or satellite STB boxes including all main TV providers (ATT, Comcast, Direct TV, Verizon, etc.). Not only that – Flipper also “cooperates” well with most TVs including major names on the market.
Once everything is installed, Flipper controls both TV and an STB boxes at the same time. Both devices can be turned on and off with one button on the remote. Of course, if you need to check the settings of your satellite (or cable) signal, you might need the corresponding remote. But the elderly don’t really care about. Everything they need is located on Flipper.

Universal Remote

On top of all this, Flipper can do a bit more. With the help of this universal remote for seniors, you can choose yourself what to watch and what not to watch. The infinite amount of channels is just annoying. So what’s the point of having hundreds of channels if you don’t watch them anyway? This is where Flipper helps you. You can select up to 25 channels to enjoy the programmes that you or your older relatives like. After programming everything, you won’t have to endlessly switch over the channels to find something interesting.
In case you’re wondering how this programming works, there is a slide panel on the remote which conceals a dozen more buttons. But they are not that necessary. Once you’ve chosen the channels, just close the panel to avoid accidental reprogramming.

As mentioned before, Flipper positions itself as the best companion for the elderly. It is quite understandable because seniors watch TV more than any other age groups. Therefore, remotes should appeal to such audience and Flipper is the brightest example here.
Moreover, we shouldn’t forget people tend to get different diseased when they get older. Relatives hire caregivers which help the elders with their life. And Flipper as well is like a mini-caregiver – it brings simplicity to one part of seniors’ life. Even when they are losing sight or suffering from dementia, one simple remote can make them a bit happier. At least for a little while.

So, there is a reason why Flipper Universal Big Button Remote Control is the best selling big button remote. The same simple idea as big button mobile phones works very well here. And even if you’re not an elder, you wouldn’t refuse from such a functional device. It combines two remotes into one making your life just a little easier. Flipper Universal Big Button Remote Control is a unique product because it was designed specifically to bring happiness to the customers. And nothing else matters. If you got interested in this product, you can buy it on Amazon.

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