Lenovo Plans to Revive Motorola RazR V3 Flip Phone

Along with Nokia 3310, Motorola RazR V3 is one of the most recognizable and legendary cell phones. And now, Lenovo wants to “resurrect” it and prolong its success – the company will introduce the updated version of this cell phone. The corresponding statement was made by Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing. He added that the comeback of such legend will attract more customers and raise the reputation of the company.

Despite the announcement of the future release, Yand didn’t reveal any technical details or the price of new Motorola RazR V3. So, it can easily be a smartphone with a touchscreen display or a standard mobile phone with basic functions.

Earlier, Lenovo decided not to use the trademark Motorola anymore. From that time on, all devices will have the brand name Lenovo moto.

As mentioned before, HMD Global did the same thing with Nokia 3310. The devices was introduced at MWC 2017 and was fitted with colour display, camera and upgraded body.

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Motorola RazR V3

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