Different Quick Charging Technologies Compared

At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Meizu unveiled a new quick charging technology called mCharge. The company claims that mCharge is able to fully a 3,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes. When Meizu will finally release it to the world is still a mystery.

But this isn’t the only fast charging solution on the market. That’s why the Chinese website IThome decided to conduct an investigation and compare them. For the experiment 5 smartphones were chosen: Huawei Mate 9, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Oppo R9S Plus, Vivo X9 Plus and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The latter doesn’t have an integrated fast charging feature and was selected to demonstrate that these technologies are actually effective.

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And they are. After 150 minutes the first four smartphones were charged to the top while iPhone 7 Plus had only 69%. The charging was complete only after 190 minutes. What’s even more interesting is that iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,910mAh while all other devices had 4,000mAh batteries.

Obviously, this is only a comparison test and its results don’t mean that some smartphones are just bad. But if charging time is a concern for you, keep that in mind when choosing a smartphone to buy.

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