Best Selling Super Slim JOAAO Power Bank

Many things that surround us need energy. Cars need petrol to function, lightbulbs need electric current to shine and even people need food to keep living. Just like that, all mobile devices also require energy on a regular basis. Unlike people, smartphones and tablets just switch off if the battery runs out. This is a huge issue in our society filled with all kinds of devices. But once there’s a problem, there’s also a solution. In this case, power banks come to rescue us in urgent situations. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a power bank of any capacity, size and style. And we’d like to recommend you a great product – Joaao Power Banks.

We’ve reviewed many different power banks and it’s quite difficult to surprise us. However, this device managed to stand out of the whole selection of power banks on the market. So let’s find out what is so distinguishing about this particular accessory.

A little sidenote: in this review we will refer to the whole line-up that Joaao has, so don’t be surprised to see plurals. This company offers two models of power banks. In general, they are pretty much similar. The differences concern capacity, weight and price. The 12,000mAh model weighs 350g while the 20.000 weighs 440g. Oh yes, and the colour selection is a bit different – the first model has silver option and the second one has black. Apart from all that, the power bank has the same design and functionality which we’re going to tell you about right now.

Super-Slim JOAAO Power Bank

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The most notable thing about Joaao power banks is their design. Most devices of this kind may offer much capacity but they are bulky and heavy. These power banks, however, are ultra-slim. Although their size is rather big – 17.5cm (6.89 inches) in height and 12cm (4.76 inches) – their main advantage is thickness. It is only 13mm (half an inch) thick. As a result, Joaao power banks have amazing portability. Without any problems you can put in your backpack or a messenger bag.
And on the whole, the power banks look very elegant. The design may remind someone a MacBook Pro, and that is a good sign. Brushed aluminium covers its entire body and rounded edges add some extra sleekness to the look.

We’re moving on functionality now. Everything we need in this power bank is located on its side. Firstly, there are two USB ports for connecting your devices. The first output has 5V / 2.1A and the second one has 5V / 1A. If you have multiple mobile devices and even if they aren’t from the same brand (like an iPhone and a Samsung tablet), you can charge them simultaneously.
Secondly, there’s a micro-USB port recharging the power bank itself. It normally takes 5 hours to recharge a 12,000mAh model (9 hours for the 20,000mAh one) and it is able to withstand up to 1000 recharges. Thirdly, there’s another feature that makes Joaao power banks unique. It is a small touchscreen display which shows one thing – how much charge you have left. That way, you’ll be warned before going somewhere, so you won’t forget to charge up your power bank.

Slim JOAAO Power Bank

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Also, Joaao also cares about safety of your mobile devices. The power banks are equipped with various protection features, like short circuit controls and automatic shut-off. These accessories were designed with customer in mind, so you can freely charge your smartphone without worrying about any accidents.

So, if you have multiple devices and you often end up in places without power outlets, you might need to go with the bigger power bank. If your need for power isn’t urgent that frequently, 12mAh will do the job beautifully. In the end, no matter which model you select, you will have a high-quality product on your hands. Joaao power banks are one of the most beautiful mobile accessories of their kind and definitely one of the most functional. Whether you’re hiking, riding on a train or stuck in a traffic jam, your loyal charging companion will save you. You will always be in touch with the world with Joaao power banks.

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