BeatsX Have Bigger Sales than AirPods

BeatsX VS AirPods

Apple was heavily relying on their new wireless headphones AirPods but they didn’t live up to all expectations. Besides, Apple released another product in the same category – BeatsX. And it looks like the latter is even more popular than the former.

According to the CNET report, BeatsX became the biggest-selling headphones as for February, 2017, surpassing AirPods. Analysts assume that such significant results were achieved due to the form factor and their in-ear design. Despite a short success of AirPods in the beginning, their “innovativeness” was too much for the buyers along with insufficient audio performance. As a result, AirPods took only the fifth position on the list.

Interestingly, Apple right now is paying the most attention to AirPods with huge advertisement campaigns. Tim Cook even called AirPods the cultural phenomenon. So, we hope that Apple does their best to sell more AirPods.

To remind our readers, BeatsX were unveiled last September but released only in January, 2017. Apple fitted the headphones with W1 chipset and water-resistant body. Apart from that, every buyer receives a special promo-code which extends the Apple Music subscription to 3 months.

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