Latest Smart Garbage Can Technology for City

The problem of litter utilization is vital in all big cities. There are a lot of initiatives to reduce the amount of garbage and make streets cleaner but there’s still a lot of work to do. Some people are highly irresponsible – they often throw garbage on streets instead of a garbage can. And even here, technology can help us.

The company SENCITY decided to address this problem and created a special can called tetraBIN. This interesting item “inspires” people to be more serious about this issue by using video-games. tetraBIN is wrapped with an LED display which shows different animals (little bats or dogs) waiting to be fed. When a person throws something in the can, a sensitive membrane inside it is activated. After that, virtual chicken legs appear on the screen and virtual dogs can eat them.

Hi-Tech Garbage Can

What’s more, people, who threw garbage into this can, receive unique promo-codes. Later, people can exchange the codes to get real gifts from the manufacturers. TetraBIN is only the beginning for SENCITY. Their purpose is creating and financing objects for smart cities, like charging stations for smartphones or free Wi-Fi at bus stops.


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