Best Action Camera Handheld Gimbal 3-axis Stabilization

No matter where you travel, you always want to capture the best moments. It’s always encouraging to look at your travelling photos or videos on a gloomy day to get some extra motivation. But for creating these memories you need great gear. And in this case, smartphones and action cameras would do a great job. However, to maximize your experience, you have to be equipped with different accessories, like stabilizers. And for all travelers out there we have a fantastic Stayblcam Bundle.

The bundle consists of many elements. Among them there’s one that we’ve already written about – original Stayblcam Video Stabilizer. With its extendable design, extreme reliability and compatibility with smartphones and GoPro, this stabilizer is a perfect product for all travelers who want to take awesome action shots.

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Stayblcam Bundle for mobile and camera lovers

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The second item of this bundle is another stabilizer but this one has other applications. It is a Gimbal Stabilizer, actually, it’s the world’s smallest accessory of its kind. By the way, it has great characteristics. Due to the AI control unit, the device is able to “remember” and perfect the motions based on the user’s moves. The Gimbal Stabilizer has a wide application range. It can be attached to anything including helmets, bicycles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and so on. By the way, both stabilizers work perfectly together – this is a great combination for maximum stability for your pictures and videos.

Apart from that, the bundle has some other interesting items. The most important one of the rest is the case. Not only is it soft, padded and good-looking, it is also water-proof – a helpful quality for any traveler. In addition, you get a few mounts and other accessories in the bundle.

In general, this is truly a unique traveler kit. If you buy it, you can forget about shakiness and blur on your videos and you’ll become an expert in action videos.

Stayblcam Bundle for mobile and camera

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