3-in-1 Smartphone Case Built-in LED Lights and Power Bank

In the modern era of digital technology smartphones have become our daily companions and assistants. Seriously, we do almost everything with smartphones, from calling and texting to reading books and watching movies. But our digital friends aren’t exempt from a few drawbacks. The most annoying one is battery time. All smartphones are juggling with so many different tasks that they drain the battery too quickly. Another widespread complaint is camera performance, especially in poorly lit conditions. Only the best and most expensive smartphones come close to the quality that you get on professional cameras but not everybody can afford them. Plus, video recording at night isn’t the smartphones’ strongest suit. So, if you don’t have enough money for pro cameras, what can you do instead?

Functional Smartphone Accessory

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Thankfully, we have mobile accessories. The battery issue can be easily solved with power banks and image quality is improved with special lights. But let’s be honest – if we had an opportunity to have an accessory, that could do both of this tasks simultaneously, we would never let it slip. Therefore, you might be really interested in the following product – it is SureFire FirePak Smartphone Video Illuminator.

Functional Smartphone Accessory

SureFire is a pretty versatile company, with the focus on illumination devices and tactical equipment. What’s more, the gear is made for very different purposes. Some products are designed for everyday use, while others are even recommended for the military, law enforcement, and so on. That’s why every SureFire product has to be as reliable as possible and comply with the latest standards. And we can safely say that FirePak does comply with all of them.

FirePak isn’t just a simple addition to your Iphone or Samsung smartphones – it is a game changer on the mobile accessory market. First of all, FirePak is a powerful source of light. Its construction is very interesting: two high-performance LEDs emit light which is then shaped by two reflectors. The result is outstanding – the maximum power reaches up to 1.500 lumens. Apart from that, FirePack boasts impressive range of almost 50 feet (15 meters). The light is so bright and shines so far that Batman himself might mistake it for his own light.

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All of that power comes in handy when you need to take a picture or record a video in dim lighting. Depending on the darkness level, you can also choose the illumination level. There are four of them and they are regulated manually (with a switch on the FirePak’s side) or via the accompanying app (available for iOS and Android devices). Whichever level you select, the quality of your pictures and videos will be breathtaking. If you compare photos, taken with and without FirePak, the difference will astonish you.

In addition, FirePak’s lights have been designed specifically for videos. A blended beam has a perfect shape to fit 16:9 HD video frame. That’s what makes FirePak the ultimate accessory for video making at night.

Multi-Functional Smartphone Accessory

Furthermore, FirePak’s lights aren’t to be used only for photography and video shooting. A flashlight is quite an essential item in any household and FirePak does this job like nothing else. If you need to come down to the basement of your house, which is always unlit and scary, don’t forget to take your FirePak with you – it will brighten up even the darkest areas.
By the way, travelers might find this application very practical. There’s nothing worse than going through unfamiliar places at night even when you’re not alone. Instead of wandering helplessly in dark, turn on FirePak and lighten the road in front of you.SureFire FirePak

One more indispensable FirePak’s feature is its built-in battery. In fact, it is an energy-dense Li-ion battery and doesn’t only provide illumination – it’s a power bank for all your mobile devices. The terrible situation when your phone is dead is familiar to everybody. In order not to end up in a situation like that, you have to be prepared. And that’s where FirePak saves. Basically, it serves like a regular power bank. Wherever you are, you can connect it to your smartphone with a cable. So before shooting a video, make sure that your phone has enough battery. If not, charge it with your FirePak and then use it to as an illuminator for the video.

Obviously, FirePak works the best on the road. When you travel, you might spend days and nights around beautiful places and sceneries. Such situations are heaven for FirePak. Whenever you need a high-quality shot or a video, your illuminator is always with you. FirePak is extremely portable – it can put it in your pocket or travelling backpack. Besides, SureFire took care of its durability and it is able to withstand accidental hits and drops. And don’t forget about the battery which provides with extra juice on the go.

FirePak Multi-Functional Smartphone Accessory

Lastly, if you’ve decided to buy FirePak, SureFire also offers you a supplementary accessory – their own smartphone cases. They fit the devices from the best brands, like Apple and Samsung. You can find cases for iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iphone 7/7 Plus or iPhone 8/8Plus and Galaxy smartphones. The cases have a special feature on the back – integrated rails for attaching FirePak. That way, you don’t have to put your video illuminator in the pocket because it’s securely attached to your phone. And if its battery runs out, you can easily connect it to FirePak for charging on the go.

FirePak Functional Smartphone Accessory

In conclusion, we must say that Surefire FirePak is one of the best mobile accessories that we’ve ever reviewed. Our experience with it was quite short but spectacular because it is true to its name – it is figuratively packed with fire. Even when you use for the first time, you can already understand the infinite possibilities of this gadget. Firepack is truly a ground-breaking product: you get the brightest illumination for videos and photos along with portable power banks in case the battery runs low.
Regular phone cameras can help you in darker time, but SureFire FirePak can make you the king of the night.


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