Pet Car Seat Cover for Travelling

Needless to say, we all love our pets. Every time we come back home from work, it’s such a pleasure to see your dog or a cat again. Plus, pets also express their affection in various ways – that’s why we love them so much. Every kid dreams of having a dog and playing with it in the backyard. Often, pets become your travelling companions. It’s not a surprise when you see a dog sitting in a passenger seat of a car. But pets run around everywhere and bring plenty of dirt with themselves. And you surely don’t want that in your car. You can just lay some cloth on the seat but it would be more effective to use our next product – “WE LOVE ANIMALS” Car Seat Cover for dogs.


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This is a must-have accessory if you like to take your dog with on picnics or other occasions. The cover spreads all over the backseat of your car and completely protects the seat from any accidents. Actually, the cover material consists of 3 layers of PU waterproofing. That’s also important for families with kids who tend to get wet and bring water into the car. The cover doesn’t only protect the seats from moisture – it also keeps away dog’s hair, dust, dirt, sand, and so on. Basically, your car is totally protected from any outer substances. And even if your dog gets agitated, the cover won’t be harmed because it withstands all scratches.

Travel Pet Car Seat Cover

Another great advantage of this product is how easy it’s installed. It only takes about a minute – quick release clips allow you also to take it off as quickly as possible. This cover fits all kinds of vehicles, whether it’s a SUV or a small saloon car. The buckle straps go freely around the headrests and get tucked in the seat anchors. Apart from that, Velcro openings are fitted for using safety belts for children or the dog. And if the cover does get dirty, you can simply vacuum it or take it off and throw it in the washing machine.

Pet Car Seat Cover

Naturally, the buyers can some additional items with this accessory. In this case, there are three of them:

  • A dog fleece blanket that goes on the cover;
  • A portable non-woven bag where you can put the folded cover and throw it on the trunk of your car;
  • A free E-book for all dog lovers with useful recommendations and advice.

All of these makes this “WE LOVE ANIMALS” product a real treasure for dog owners/drivers. No matter where you go, you can pull out the product, spread it on the seat and be sure that your beloved dog won’t mess the whole interior up. With this cover, you get an incredible product that takes good care of both your car and your dog.
Pet Car Seat is available on Amazon.

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