LG G6 Officially introduced

LG G6 Officially introduced

The main announcement of LG at MWC 2017 was supposed to be a new flagship smartphone called G6. And that’s what happened – the phone was finally unveiled to the public. A thin-edge and Home-button-free device inherited from G5 a dual camera but didn’t keep the modular construction.

The screen of LG G6 occupies 90% of the front panel which is much more than its main competitors. It makes the aspect ratio a bit unusual – 18:9. The 5.7-inch display supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 which transforms image into something more realistic.

The processor inside G6 is Snapdragon 821 although insiders believed that it would be the latest Snapdragon 835. Interesting fact – inside LG G6 there is a copper heat-removing tube which lowers the temperature inside the body by 6-10%.

The main camera includes two sensors, each one of them has 13 MP with different viewing angles for wider pictures and beautiful panorama shots.

LG G6 is likely to come out in different versions. For example, the one for the U.S. market will feature wireless charging while the Asian version will be fitted with a digital-to analog converter to make audio performance even better.

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