First Wireless Rearview Camera for Mobile Devices

When you have a family and you leave home for a long time, you still want to be there for them. No matter how far you are, you feel like you have to keep an eye on your family members. That’s why home security is so vital. Thankfully, today you can find a lot of functional smart home products on the market, for example, cameras. They observe everything that’s going inside or outside your house, so you don’t have to be worried too much.

But what if you had a super-portable surveillance device? What if you could just take it on a trip or attach it to your car and use it as an extra rearview mirror? If you’re interested in a device like that, then you might want to look at the following product – EsiCam EH05.

First Wireless Rearview Camera for iPhone and ipad

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This camera is described as the world’s first HD portable rearview device for mobile devices with a wide application range. But let’s begin with technical stuff. First of all, it really is a totally wireless device. It connects to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi without any special routers. The camera is so small that you can take it anywhere with you – it will fit nicely in your bag or a glove compartment of your car. The installation is a piece of cake – due to a powerful magnet in the stand, the camera is attached to metal surface very securely. You can even stick it onto the trunk of your car and it won’t fall from it. Besides, the viewing angle of this camera is 120 degrees, which is more than any regular devices. This makes it good and versatile for vehicles.

The word “wireless” obviously means that you would have to charge this camera every now and then. In this case, the battery is quite powerful – it provides you with 7.5 hours of non-stop recording. It may seem too little for all-day home surveillance but you can still use the camera while charging it.

First Wireless Rearview Camera for iPhone

In addition, the camera is equipped with a couple of useful features. The first is night vision – even if you’re driving at night, you can still see everything clearly from your smartphone. It’s also a great quality for outdoor use. And so is the next feature – water and dust resistance. Regardless of weather conditions, the camera functions without any failures.

As mentioned before, EsiCam camera is much more functional paired with an iPhone. It also works with Android, Windows or PC. The video, recorded by the camera, can be viewed live, directly from the phone. The quality, by the way, is quite impressive – the footage is shot in HD resolution. Upon your click in the smartphone app, you can take snapshots which are saved and can be viewed later. And so do all the videos. For that, there is a microSD slot that supports memory cards up to 128GB. What’s more, even when you’re watching live video from an iPhone, you can still take calls or receive text messages.

The app also gives you access to other settings, like scheduled recording when you can programme the camera to shoot the video at certain time. Besides, if anything goes wrong in your house or behind your car, you get immediate smartphone notifications and e-mails. The camera detects any suspicious actions due to its motion and sound sensors, so you are alerted of any incidents at all times.

First Wireless Rearview Camera for smartphones

Because of its portability, EsiCam EH05 is very multi-purpose. Firstly, it can be a useful tool for home security, in case you have to watch over your children, pets or elder relatives. When the camera is connected to your wireless router at home, you can see video from your phone anywhere. Secondly, as it says in the title, the camera can be attached onto your car providing extra help as an additional rearview mirror for backing up or parking. The main specialty here is RVs, trailers or trucks. Everything around your vehicle will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone, even the unseen areas behind your car. Thirdly, the camera performs really well when used outdoors. It can install the camera to watch over the camp site or a store, especially if you’re the store owner. Plus, the camera works with GoPro mounting kits and can be attached in any place.

In all these cases, EsiCam EH05 provides users with “eyes” in places where you can’t be but still need to know that everything is all right. But the compactness and portability make this camera an even more functional device, suitable also for drivers.

EsiCam EH05 is available for purchase on iSmartlife Mall or Amazon.
Also this product is available to buy at either Amazon marketplace in North America and Europe, searching ” EsiCam EH05″. Video review also can be found on Youtube by searching : EsiCam EH05″

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