Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for Traveling

When you go on a beach or have a picnic with your friends, it’s always nice to lighten up everybody’s mood with some great music. Of course, you can just pull out your smartphone and choose some songs from there but for proper audio quality you have to go with wireless speakers. These devices are very portable with great quality. However, even wireless speakers can be pretty versatile. Some of them are quite “homey” suiting better for house use. Others are compact and rugged which makes them perfect companions for travelers. This is exactly what interests us now – a speaker that you can take on a hike or a simple evening on a beach. And the following product does this job beautifully – this is Celtic Blu Tallboy Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Travelling

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This speaker is the ultimate audio accessory for anyone who enjoys active lifestyle. Why? Because it combines a few vital features that would be appreciated by any traveler.

First of all, the construction. The speaker has a rugged design in two colour choices: black or blue. Tallboy, despite its name, isn’t that tall – it’s quite moderate in size but still very portable (1.3 pounds). You can be sure that the speaker will fit comfortably in your bag. The shape is similar to a bottle, so you can put it just in the side pocket of your backpack. And even if it doesn’t fit, there’s a carabiner clip on one end of the speaker for attaching it somewhere. By the way, Tallboy would be a great gift for cyclists as the speaker comes with an included bike mount. This helpful addition allows you to enjoy your favourite tunes while riding on a bike. And you can even control the speaker while on a bike with a handy remote which is included in the set.

When we talk about speakers, what’s even more important for travelers is durability. Thankfully, that’s pretty much the motto of Tallboy speaker. This device has all kinds of protection capabilities. To begin with, the speaker is splash-proof. Also, it’s shock resistant – it will withstand as many falls as you can imagine. And lastly, the speaker isn’t afraid of dirt – it is stain resistant as well. This all makes Tallboy a surviving expert – an extremely crucial feature for travelers.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Travelling

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Going back to the list of Tallboy’s advantages, we are coming to the sound. In this field, the speaker is more than impressive. It produces 16W sound that fills rooms and creates fantastic atmosphere if you’re outside. The amount of power is enough to make all other noises disappear whether it’s traffic, wind or loud people. What’s more, the speaker gives off all-around sound. 360-degree audio especially works for outdoors when everyone hears music no matter how far they are from each other.
Users are provided with 30 hours of audio playback due to a long-lasting battery fitted inside the speaker. This is more than enough for one unforgettable trip.

Of course, we should mention that this is a Bluetooth speaker, so it wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth-enabled devices. In fact, the range of connection reaches almost 100 feet (30m) meaning that you can easily go a bit away with your smartphone while music keeps playing.

Finally, this is probably one of the best wireless speakers in terms of functionality. Most importantly, this device has a built-in power bank for charging up smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Tallboy would definitely make you the centre of attention in the company of other travelers because everyone has mobile devices and they require charging all the time.
Among other useful features, there are a microphone for conversations with your loved ones, an FM radio for listening to the latest news and a TF card slot for MicroSD Card (up to 32GB) if you have your favourite music on a flash card.

Bluetooth Speaker for Travelling

Our conclusion is that Celtic Blu Tallboy Portable Bluetooth Speaker is must-have device if you’re a fan of both travelling and music. Buying this speaker, there’s a 100% percent guarantee that you will experience premium sound quality even while you’re on a trip.

Visit Celtic Blu Tallboy’s Amazon store to buy the Portabale Bluetooth Speaker right now.

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