Smart Home Camera for Maximum Security

People, who go to work every day, often come across a situation when they leave the house and have nobody to watch control everything there. This is especially important if you have small children, pets or older relatives. In all these cases, you need to keep an eye on your house and be informed as soon as something wrong happens. One of the ways to do it is hiring a nanny or a nurse but this isn’t the option for everybody. But there’s a more technological solution to this problem – cameras. After all, it’s a tech blog, so we have to draw your attention to innovative surveillance devices on the market. And one of the most functional cameras out there is LEFTEK Smart Home Guard Wire/Wireless IP Camera.

The company LEFTEK focuses on advanced smart home devices and this camera is one of the highlights of their line-up. It allows you to be always in touch with your kids and relatives even if you’re away for a long time. The camera suits more for indoor use but no one says that you can’t use it outdoors. In any case, it works well in any environment.

The first thing that you’d probably notice about this camera is its futuristic looks. Really, the device does have a style to it. Apart from that, it’s very compact and can be placed in any place in your house. By the way, there are two connection options, as you can see from the name: wired or wireless (via Wi-Fi). But what makes this camera the best choice for your smart home?

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The answer is simple – functionality. This camera has everything you need from a surveillance device. First of all, it’s fitted with a 720p high-definition sensor that records video in premium quality. The glass lens in this camera has a 112-degree viewing angle but the device rotates which allows it to reach all-around surveillance capabilities with the 360-degree coverage. Another useful camera feature here is infra-red night vision. When you’re away for the night and you still must know how the things are going on at the house, this device will provide you with sharp imagery even in total darkness. Such impressive characteristics are reached due to 11 LED beads which actually increase viewing distance. That way, you still have an eye at the house if you have a sick child or a relative and you’ve got be aware of how they are doing.

Smart Home Camera for Security

What’s more, this camera lets you speak to your family members due to a built-in microphone. It is highly responsive and noise-eliminating – for the latter there is an anti-noise filter. There are two communication modes: Intercom mode, when only one user talks and listens, or Hands-free mode when there is 2-way audio – parents and kids can seamlessly talk and listen via the camera.

Another huge advantage of LEFTEK camera is its integration with mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and even laptops. In fact, you can connect 3 to 5 devices at the same time and watch video stream from the camera when you’re at work. Basically, you can create your own interface where every family member can see everything from the camera’s perspective. For smartphones and tablets, there is a very useful app available for iOS and Android devices. The app doesn’t just allow you to see live video from the camera – it also gives you access to a whole bunch of various settings. The most essential one among them has got to be activity alerts. The camera is equipped with motion sensors and if they detect any suspicious movement, an immediate notification is sent straight to your smartphone along with the photo proof. That way, you are warned of any possible accidents that may have happened back at the house.

LEFTEK HOME CAMERAThe application purposes of this device are quite obvious. We already mentioned kids or elderly because they are the ones who need as much care and attention as possible even when you can’t be there for them. Also, some people love their pets so much that it’s a joy for them to just look at them every now and then. And lastly, the camera is a helpful solution for store owners. Keep your shops and homes safe and secure from anyone and anything!

So, Smart Home Guard Wire/Wireless IP Camera from LEFTEK is a fantastic choice if you seek for a surveillance device. It guarantees that you will always be there for your family no matter how far you actually are.

Smart Home Guard Wire/Wireless IP Camera available on Amazon.
Smart Home Camera for Maximum Security

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