LEFTEK Integrates Home Security Cameras into Everyday Life

It’s safe to say that our modern life is highly dependent on technologies. And we’re not saying it’s bad – they actually bring a lot of benefit to people. Every day, we get up in the morning after an alarm from a smartphone, we turn on a TV to watch the news while making coffee in an electric machine, we drive to work in a car where we sit in front of computers or talk on the phone the whole day. And this is just the simplest example. There’s no denying it – technologies have truly simplified our life. However, while some devices only assist people in something, others can totally substitute humans and do any tasks for them. One group of such devices is getting more and more popular today and this is smart home products.

Smart home or home automation is a system of household devices which are capable of conducting certain tasks by themselves, without us interfering. You may have heard several examples of such products, like automatic light switchers, smart heaters or smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home). By the way, smart home segment is doing really well today. The demand on these devices is growing quickly and steadily. Smart home products allow you to look in the future where technology will play an even bigger role in our life.LEFTEK

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As this market is thriving, it’s always interesting to see new smart home brands. Usually, companies in this segment aren’t very diversified – they make one certain kind of devices. But is actually a recipe for success. Companies aren’t trying to kill two (or more) birds with one stone. Instead, they are focused on one particular sphere and they try their best to succeed in this sphere. One of the brightest examples is a smart home brand called LEFTEK.

LEFTEK is a relatively new company on the market and it already received praise and positive feedback from numerous customers. This is because the company has a great brand policy. To begin with, LEFTEK has a solid technological base with developed R&D capabilities. The company has its own factory where all the products are made. In addition, customers have always been the main priority of the company. LEFTEK favours families, shops and small businesses by providing them with high-quality products. The company also welcomes any feedback because it helps them develop and get better.

LEFTEK specializes in one very important aspect of smart homes – security. That’s why the LEFTEK line-up consists mostly of cameras and similar products. But these cameras are much more innovative than the regular surveillance devices. They come in interesting shapes like a lightbulb or a small robot.


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But looks aren’t everything, what about functionality? In this field, LEFTEK cameras can really surprise you. Most of these devices are made for indoor use but some of them work well outdoors, so they are water resistant. Apart from that, every camera is equipped with night vision. But most importantly, these cameras allow you to always be aware of what is going on in your house. Every LEFTEK device is integrated with your smartphone which opens up a lot pf possibilities. Firstly, you can watch the live streaming from camera from your camera. This is helpful if you’re at work and you need to check on your kids at home. Secondly, every time something wrong happens at the house, you know about it immediately. The cameras are fitted with various sensors and when they detect something suspicious (movement or fire), you instantly get a notification on your smartphone. This is why LEFTEK devices are an excellent choice for a smart home.

For more information, you can check out the company’s website leftek.net. There, you can find out more about the product line-up with specific details about every device. Also, if you’re a business owner and you’re interested in cooperation with this company, all the contact information is available on the website.

All in all, LEFTEK is a young but fast-growing brand with a great product line-up. If you’re looking for an innovative surveillance solution in your house, you have to consider LEFTEK devices as one of the variants. Always keep an eye at your house with LEFTEK cameras!


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