Augmented Reality Velvet Posters for Kids

Modern technologies have become an integral part of our lives but in some cases their influence seems a bit over the top. We’re talking about children who are impacted by technology from a very young age. The majority of kids spend most of their free time in front of computers or playing games on smartphones or tablets. A few years ago, nobody has cell phones and kids were much more active: they were always running around outside with their friends, playing games and doing other activities. Today, it’s hard to distract them from mobile devices. In this case, technology only affects children physically and mentally turning them into couch potatoes or ruining their psychology. But technology can also bring a lot of benefit to the kids, especially in terms of their development and education. And our next product is all about that – it is New Generation Augmented Reality Velvet Posters.

Augmented Reality Velvet Posters for Kids

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This interesting item would suit better to younger children who are just beginning their school education. Perhaps, every kid in the world loves to draw and this product from New Generation uses this passion and adds a little technology twist to it. But let’s describe anything in order.

Basically, it’s like a colouring book, only instead of a book you get 2 big velvet posters. Each one of them is 27.8cm by 30.1cm. The posters have different pictures on them. Most of them have animals on them, like a tiger, a lion, a dolphin, and so on. If your kids like something more peculiar, you can buy them the posters with a tyrannosaurus rex, a unicorn or a dragon. In any case, whatever picture you choose, your kid will be happy.

Velvet Posters for Kids

After that, the pictures have to be coloured. There are 8 markers for that. But what’s so special about colouring some posters instead of buying regular books for that? Well, New Generation posters aren’t just “some posters”. The main thing about them is the material. As mentioned before, the posters are made of velvet, which means that they can be actually washed. Therefore, all the markers are also washable. Basically, your kid can colour a dragon, wash the cloth and do it again.

But what about technology? That’s the most interesting part. For a start, you have to download the app (available for iOS and Android devices). When your children finish colouring one poster with, for example, a unicorn, they can start the app, point the smartphone to the picture and they will see a bit of magic – a 3D virtual copy of a unicorn appears on the screen. The trick works for any picture and any animal. It’s a bit like augmented reality, only much more basic and simple.

This way of entertainment may seem boring at first sight but it actually is very educational. Firstly, drawing and coloring develops manual dexterity which is vital for kids of young age. Who knows if this may inspire your kids to take up drawing as a hobby. At least, there’s nothing wrong about teaching your kids how to be creative. Secondly, this product combines drawing with another thing that modern kids love – technology. Seeing their favorite animals or mythical creatures come alive on the screen of the smartphone is quite fascinating. That’s definitely great fun for friends and family.

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