Floating Clock that Works on Magnets

The company Flyte has been spotted on the market earlier a couple of times. Their levitating light bulb and planter were quite interesting. But now, the company is launching a more functional product, called Story.

Story is a unique clock, and more sophisticated than any other time-telling products. This device consists of a rounded, wooden base and a small metal ball. Due to the company’s trademark magnetic levitation feature, the ball floats above the surface in various directions: vertically, horizontally or at any other angle. As a whole, it vaguely reminds of a regular clock, only it’s more innovative and it doesn’t have a minute hand.

Floating Clock that Works on Magnets

Story comes with a couple of more helpful features. Firstly, it’s a lighting-up digital clock in the middle of the wooden face. Secondly, Story has an accompanying app which allows using this peculiar clock as a timer. There are two modes: a short-term timer (any upcoming event, like a concert) and long-term timer which is called “Journey” (an event that will happen in a few months, like a birth of a child). Story has been launched on Kickstarter with the pre-order price of $349. If funding goes well, the first devices will be shipped in November.

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