Functional Waterproof Running Armband for Smartphones

Today, many people are taking fitness very seriously. Being active means staying healthy and happy. As a result, thousands of determined men and women go to parks for running or a gym for more intense workouts. While some fitness fans train without any help, others hire trainers or buy special gadgets: wearables. Usually, wearables track your activity and help you optimize your workout regime. But these devices are rapidly losing their popularity and many people turn to sports smartphone cases. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a good one because of the shortage of such accessories on the market. However, we managed to do it. In this review, we’re going to talk about one of the best selling Sport bands for running – MyBand Elite Sports Forearm Armband for smartphones.

Considering that there aren’t too many great sports smartphone accessories on the market, MyBand Elite looks almost perfect. Let’s find out why this is an excellent companion for your smartphone.Running Armband for Smartphone

First off all, MyBand Elite armbands are extremely practical. Unlike other similar accessories, this one is wrapped around your forearm instead of a bicep. This, obviously, puts the smartphone within your reach. Plus, the comfortable position is helpful during trainings – you can easily control the smartphone with the other arm without difficulties. You will never miss any calls or messages, you can skip music tracks with one slight finger movement and you can monitor your fitness results – all these possibilities are resting on your forearm. By the way, the armbands come in two different sizes: 5-11-inch forearm circumference and 8-16-inch circumference.

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Another aspect that adds even more to your comfort is materials that these armbands are made of. The armband itself (the first layer) is made of knitted, stretchable fabric which is very soft and pleasant to touch. By the way, after a particularly sweaty workout, you can take the armband off and throw it into the washing machine. Just make sure that you wash it on gentle.
On the armband goes the phone pocket. It’s attached very securely, so you won’t have to worry about it during trainings. The pocket has covers the phone completely but you still can seamlessly operate the touchscreen display due to translucent vinyl. Apart from that, the headphone jack is easily accessible through a small hole in the pocket.

Functional Running Armband for Smartphone

The pocket isn’t just a holder for your phone – it’s a true protective accessory. As mentioned before, the screen is protected but there is a bigger issue – sweat resistance. People, who work out, tend to sweat quite a lot which can affect the functioning of the smartphone. Thankfully, the pocket in MyBand Elite is lined with neoprene which guarantees 100% safety from any moisture. Besides, this accessory has a helpful feature for those who like to run when it’s already dark. The phone pocket is fitted with reflective stripes which shine brightly at night. At least, you can be sure that you’ll run safely to your house without any accidents.

We are almost at the end, so we have to talk about compatibility. There are three versions of MyBand Elite armbands and the only difference between them is the size of the phone pocket. The smallest one (5.00” x 2.35” x 0.30”) is good for iPhone SE, 5, 5S and iPod Touch. The other two have a wider application range. They work with probably any smartphone on the market, including the latest iPhones, Samsung and HTC devices as well as smartphones from other brands. That’s why you have to know the dimensions of your smartphone before you decide to buy this armband.


Last but not least, there is a fantastic additional feature for people who don’t have enough room in their pockets. The armband has a zippered pocket for your essentials, like cash, ID, credit cards or other items, necessary for trainings. Around the pocket, there is reinforced stitching – this ensures total safety of all your belongings.

So, MyBand Elite Sports armbands are probably the most functional smartphone accessories in their category. It’s not only comfortable – it’s also extremely practical and smartphone-friendly. If you’re looking for a loyal assistant for running or other workouts, this accessory might be the one for you.

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