Multi-Charging Universal Cable for Smartphone

Multi-Charging Universal Cable

It was hard to imagine a few years ago but nowadays almost every person owns numerous mobile devices. Kids spend a lot of (maybe, even too much) time in their smartphones or tablets, teenagers use them for communication and social networking, older people are more interested in how these devices can help them at work. But whoever you are, at some point you probably came across a problem of having too many cables at your house. Let’s face it, most people are quite disorganized, so they tend to forget where they put the cable and lose it. Also, some cables are just unreliable – they wear out too quickly or break if you bend them too often.
That’s why getting a new cable for each one of your devices doesn’t sound particularly encouraging. But all of that can change with the next product – JASTEK Charging Cable.

To be honest, this might be one of the most practical mobile accessories ever. It may sound like we’re overselling this product but bear with us and we’ll support our words with facts. JASTEK charging cable is, first and foremost, universal. The accessory consists of a clip buckle and 6 different cables for various devices. Each cable is 15cm long. The charging isn’t much different compared to other cables – it’s steady and effortless. You may question reliability and durability of this accessory. We can’t guarantee that it will last for a long time but if you use it carefully, it can be your loyal charging companion for years to come.

Out of all these cables the main one is definitely a USB-A cable. Basically, it is one cable to rule them all. That’s actually how the whole accessory works: you plug the USB connector into a USB-port on a laptop or a PC, it derives power from there and sends it to other cables which charge mobile devices. Let’s go over the available cables very briefly.

First off, we have a Lightning cable for iOS devices. The connector works fine with all iPhone models, except 7 and 7 Plus. Also, it’s good for iPad 4/5 and iPad mini.Universal Cable for smartphone devices

Next, there are two microUSB cables. This is obviously for all Android smartphone and tablet users. Besides, many other products, like MP3 players, GPS devices, photo printers and digital cameras, are fitted with such ports. That’s why there are even two connectors of this type.

Another connector is mini-USB. This is a less popular cable now but it’s still used for charging cameras, camcorders, hard drives, and so on.

The last cable is USB-C – a small but super-quick connector. This standard provides faster data and power transfer capabilities which makes quite useful. USB-C standard will definitely prevail across smartphones, tablets and laptops in the future but even now there are some USB-C integrated devices.

8pin Mini USB Port Type C Multi Charger Cable

Lastly, we must talk a little bit about one very creative design feature. All the cables are attached to one clip buckle. It makes this accessory comfortable for holding or carrying. Of course, you can just put this item in your bag but there’s no guarantee that you won’t lose it accidentally. So the clip buckle allows you to hang the accessory wherever you want, for example, on a backpack or a laptop case. At least, you will know that it’s securely attached without worrying about losing it.
One more thing: customers have a choice of three different colours. Most people would probably go for classic black or white versions but you want to bring some craziness into your life, you can order a coloured model where the cables are red, green, yellow and blue. The price is still the same anyway ($8.89).

So, JASTEK Universal Charging Cable is an excellent solution for all the problems with numerous cables. With this accessory, you will never lose a cable or confuse one with another because all of them are in one place, even in one product. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android device, a camera or a USB-C integrated gadget, you’ll be able to charge it. And with its clip buckle, it can be a great travelling accessory, especially if you don’t want to take your multiple charging cables.
JASTEK 8pin Mini USB Port Type C Multi Charger Cable is available for purchase on Amazon.

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