Smartphone Cameras Can Become Much Better

Smartphones nowadays are already frequently used as cameras and the number of megapixels or other photo specs have become vital for customers. But there’s a way to make smartphone cameras even better.

Scientists from Harvard University invented flat meta-lenses. This technology increases the photo quality significantly. As you may know, traditional lenses are made of glass or other translucent materials. Such lenses have a certain curve radius, so the smartphone makers have to install bigger sensor which gives a smartphone more weight and thickness. The meta-lenses from Harvard are composed of titanium oxide pillars. The pillars are usually super-thin and these lenses can reflect the light in one focal point.

Smartphone Cameras Can Become Much Better

New innovative lenses are much more compact and lightweight than regular ones. By installing meta-lenses on most mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), the quality of photography will increase drastically. The lenses also affect thickness – all mobile devices will become thinner. Plus, all chromatic aberrations will be corrected.

A few months ago, meta-lenses have been successfully tested in monochrome systems. The scientists are already working with the blue-green spectrum and we may soon see the final version. If this technology eventually comes out, it will definitely be a revolution in smartphone making.

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