Oprout Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Great Sound for Home and Outdoors

When you organize a party for your friends or family, you must have music there. Today, when everyone has numerous mobile devices, people usually stream music from smartphones, tablet or laptops. However, nothing can replace a good speaker. Unlike many other mobile devices, speakers are created just for playing music, so they have everything for enjoyable listening experience. This segment is also pretty diverse: wired speakers are losing popularity and we see more and more portable audio devices. Wireless speakers appeal to wider audience because you can just take them wherever you want to.
But what if music isn’t the only thing you look for in a speaker?
What if you prefer a bit more functionality and style?

For you, there is a suitable option: Oprout Ravio MiniBay Portable Speaker .

Oprout Bluetooth speaker

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The company also has other wireless speakers in its line-up with similar functions but also a few differences. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and cover all aspects in order.

In terms of looks, Ravio MiniBay is definitely one of the most striking speakers on the market. It is cased in a glossy aluminium body which exudes elegance and premium quality. The style is so fantastic that it would make you want to show off a little bit. You can put it in any room of your house or even at work and it won’t spoil the décor. Actually, it will even bring some innovation to your house. Despite the metal construction, the whole speaker isn’t heavy at all. With its compact size and the weight of only 460g, it’s suitable for travelling and carrying in a bag or a backpack. Besides, aluminium doesn’t just bring sexy back, it provides durability and protection against external influence – it is resistant to scratches, bumps and drops.portable-bluetooth-speakerAnother part of the design are 3 “grills” from which the sound comes from. They are located on the rear side and the edges of the speaker. The top side is designated for control buttons – their disposition is quite convenient and practical. But of course, the main thing is on the front. Here, we have an LED display which shines brightly like a diamond even at night. The display doesn’t show much – there’s place for time, battery level (in percent) and some other small signs.

But a great speaker is nothing without impressive sound. Thankfully, Ravio MiniBay won’t let you down in this matter. Underneath the aluminium housing, there are dual 45mm speakers providing 10W of power and 86dB of sound. As a result, you get strong, well-balanced and very detailed audio performance on every level. People, who know a thing or two about music, will be happy to hear this speaker perform at higher volumes. In fact, the amount of distortion is less than 0.5%. Another notable thing is bass: due to the Low Frequency Boost Technology you get clear and vibration-free sound.

What’s more, the speaker is wireless which means that you can get music from any Bluetooth integrated devices. The list can include smartphones, tablets, music players or even laptops. If you want a break from music, you can seamlessly stream podcasts or audiobooks. Plus, there’s the ability for listening to radio. If you’re a fan of some radio programmes, you can find the station and save it in the speaker. By the way, if you have some devices which don’t support Bluetooth, there is an auxiliary input for connecting them.Oprout Portable Bluetooth Speaker In case you’re wondering about the battery time, it’s rather longs. A 2200mAh battery gives you 10 hours of audio playback – that’s enough for a nice party.

Last but not least, we must mention a very useful feature of Ravio MiniBay – it works as an alarm clock. Even after a party, when the speaker entertained you all night with music, it will help you wake up on time and not be late for work.

So, Oprout Ravio MiniBay Wireless Speaker has to be one of the coolest audio devices out there. The speakers would suit many different people with one passion – music. Apart from that, it’s very helpful at the house and works well as a travelling accessory.

Check out Oprout Ravio MiniBay on Amazon where you can learn more details or buy the speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker - Great sound for Home

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