Best Selling Practical Wine Opener for Traveling

Corkscrew is a quite necessary item in any household. Obviously, everyone organized some kind of gathering or a party in their house and had to open the bottle with a corkscrew. This accessory is also very essential for traveling or picnics. We all understand that it’s pretty awkward if you take a bottle of wine and have nothing to open it with. Therefore, when you plan a trip somewhere, you have to buy a corkscrew. Thankfully, there’s no lack of these products on the market and you can choose a simple one or a bit more functional. And for those, who like practical accessories, there is an excellent option: Wine Bottle Opener with Rabbit Corkscrew and Foil Cutter from the company Eden.

Traveling Wine Opener

Eden wine opener is definitely a unique product in its category. But where does this uniqueness comes from? To begin with, it has a very eye-catching design. Eden bottle opener comes with a two-piece rabbit handle. This design allows you to open any bottle without any efforts. The corkscrew here is good for wooden corks or the ones made of wood fibre. Along with great design, you also get an additional item – a foil cutter for taking off the foil of any bottle carefully. The whole set arrives in a very fancy box which is perfect as a gift to your friends or loved ones.

Wine Opener for Traveling

Wine Opener for Traveling

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But cool design doesn’t necessarily mean practicality. Although in this case, it totally does. Every item in the set is made of high-quality materials. The list includes stainless steel, zinc alloy, ABS and even silicone. Apart from their quality, these materials have other great properties. First off, they are extremely durable even if you accidentally drop it in the water or somewhere else. Moreover, the materials are recyclable and as a result, completely eco-friendly – an essential characteristic for modern products. Lastly, as this accessory may have contact with wine itself, it has to be food-safe. And of course, Eden wine opener is 100% clean in this aspect: there are no harmful substances in the materials.

Now, we’d like to cover other helpful elements of this product. As you probably already understood, the corkscrew pulls out all corks acting as a lever – it’s unbelievably simple to do. Plus, the worm of the corkscrew is replaceable. So, even if you break it or it gets rusty, you can just change it with another one.

Practical Wine Opener for Traveling

Another convenient thing is special silicone gel pads. One of them conceals the corkscrew – this safety measure prevents any accidents or injuries, especially if you’re a bit clumsy. In addition, silicone provides solid grip, which is especially important for opening bottles – nothing will slip out. And of course, silicone is easily washable and highly resistant to drops.

Last but not least, we have to mention another perk that comes with this corkscrew. As it’s mostly used for opening wine bottles, every buyer receives the Eden’s Good Wine Guide. Well, actually, customers get a link because this is a downloadable e-book. In any case, the book contains a lot of useful tips about choosing the right wine or storing it properly. That way, you can always surprise your friends with recommendations and great advice.

All things considered, Eden Wine Opener is definitely a one-of-a-kind product. Buying it, you get a compact, durable and practical accessory which is good for any household and traveling. So, before going on a trip, be sure to put this great accessory in your bag and it will be your loyal assistant whenever you need it.

Wine Opener

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