Best Budget Thermal Hydration Bottle for Traveling

When you travel, you always take a lot of things with you: new clothes, necessary gear and, of course, food and drinks. But one of the properties of any drink is their dependence on weather conditions: hot drinks will instantly get colder in winter, and in summer, cool drinks become unbearably warm. That’s especially important for long travels when the temperature of drinks must be kept at the same level for a long time. To solve this issue, people usually buy thermal mugs. It’s quite easy to find one on the market as there’s no shortage of this type of products there. But we’d like to tell about one of the best options in this category: 22 Ounce Insulated Canteen from Urban Hydrofit.

What makes it so special, you may ask? Everything, we answer. This hydration bottle boasts very solid construction: it is double walled for extra durability and vacuum insulated, so no air gets inside. This combination creates the perfect place for keeping all kinds of drinks. Whether they are hot or cold, their temperature will remain unchanged for a long time: 18 hours for hot drinks and 24 hours for the cold. Not only that – the temperature of the liquid inside doesn’t affect the temperature of the bottle in any way. Even if you’ve got the hottest coffee in there, you can still hold it in your hands. As a result of this ability, the bottle always stays sweat-free and no moisture will get on your hands.

Thermal Bottle for Traveling, Perfect Solution

This reliability is based on materials that have been used for making 22 Ounce Insulated Canteen. In this case, it is high-quality, premium gauge stainless steel. That means that even after multiple uses, it won’t rust or crack. What’s more, the exterior comes with 4 coloured options of special powdered coating. No matter what colour you choose, it guarantees durability. Another addition to reliability is on its top – the plastic-made lid doesn’t allow any liquids out keeping them where they’re supposed to be. The lid also has a built-in handle for more convenient carrying.
By the way, all details of this bottle don’t contain any harmful substances, like BPA or lead. Safety, as the saying goes, is first.

Speaking of the plastic lid, this can be nice bonus to this ultra-rigid bottle. A regular lid with a handle on it can be replaced with a so-called sports lid. This one has a small opening, so that you could stay hydrated during the most arduous activities.

Perfect Thermal Bottle for Traveling

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22 Ounce Insulated Canteen may not be the smallest solution for traveling but it’s one of the most effective ones. With its 10-inch height and 3-inch diameter, the bottle stores a lot of liquid and sustains its temperature in the best way possible. When delivered to a customer, the bottle comes in a fancy designer box – a remarkable choice as a gift to your travel-loving friends. In the set, you also get the mentioned sports lid for the bottle and a drawstring sack for your other items, like a wallet, keys or a smartphone.
22 Ounce Insulated Canteen is available in 4 colours: black, blue, green and red.

To sum it up, 22 Ounce Insulated Canteen is truly a must-have product if you’re a keen traveler and you care about the temperature of your drinks. At first, it seems a bit big but it actually fits well in a hand and can be pulled out quickly even on the go. And its ability to withstand any traveling conditions will convince you that you need to have this bottle right away.

Perfect Thermal Bottle

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