Karaoke Wireless Microphone, Smartphone Integrated

Today, karaoke singing is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, especially for young people. They often go to special bars or hold karaoke parties for their friends to sing songs and have some fun. But microphones, used in karaoke, aren’t just an accessory for singing – they can be very helpful for various purposes. For example, when you’re presenting some kind of a project or reading a lecture in a big auditorium, you need to sound louder. Of course, the organizers of such events usually provide speakers with everything they need but what if you could have your personal microphone for both work days and weekends? This is possible with the Karaoke Wireless Bluetooth Microphone.

This really interesting gadget is perfect for anyone who wants to have a little style even during work. Despite the word “karaoke” in its name, this microphone isn’t just for singing. Using this microphone, you can do business presentations in front of a huge crowd without the fear of not being heard. People often have to do oral reports or present their work vocally but they are shy and not confident enough. This microphone will help your voice reach all corners of the room. It’s also quite helpful if you stream your own content on YouTube.



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But why is this microphone so practical? Let’s go over some advantages.

To begin with, this is a wireless device, which means that you won’t be bothered with cables. The microphone comes in a special convenient case where you can store all charging cables. The case isn’t very big or heavy, so it can be carried everywhere you want to go. Even when you’re away from any power sources, a high-capacity, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery ensures steady functioning for at least 8 hours.

What’s more, this gadget has a wide capability. Basically, the microphone works with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or music players. Obviously, this gadget comes with the accompanying smartphone app, available for iOS and Android devices. As the mic also serves as a voice recorder, it saves everything you’ve said or sung and transmits it to the app. That way, you can hear yourself how good you really are at singing. Plus, the app allows you to play your own music – the microphone has a built-in speaker for that.

Wireless Microphone - Functional and Smartphone Integrated

Moreover, this is actually a great product in terms of its functionality. We’ve mentioned already that it has a speaker on board but it’s even better as a microphone. Even when you use it in a noisy room, you can be sure that everyone will hear you. Due to a fantastic noise reduction system, your own voice sounds crystal clearly, without any external disturbances. Besides, the control panel is quite convenient. 4 buttons on top of the “cube” allow you to skip tracks, pause and choose between iOS or Android device for Bluetooth connection. Also, there are some buttons on the side: on/off button, the button for turning on the speaker and a few mode buttons, like treble, bass or echo.

Lastly, Bluetooth connection isn’t the only way to play music through this device. On the bottom side of its handle there is a USB-port, so you can just choose a song from your flash drive and blast it through the speaker in the mic.

So, Karaoke Wireless Bluetooth isn’t a device that you regularly see but it is pretty impressive. It has some specific applications but it performs really well in all these areas including karaoke, project presenting or just music streaming.

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Functional Wireless Microphone

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