Full VR Experience in VR Sense

The company Koei Tecmo Wave, famous the game series Dynasty Warriors, presented a VR gaming console VR Sense. During the immersion into virtual reality in this device, it will engage all sense organs.

VR Sense is a small cabin with a multifunctional leather seat. Due to the proprietary technology, the player feels various movements, smells, touches and even different weather (wind, cold, rain, and so on). The cabin isn’t suited for house use – it will be more utilized in malls or entertainment centres, so customers will have to pay for this.

Right now, there are three games adapted to VR Sense. GI Jockey Sense allows gamers will feel rain, snow as well as moves and vibrations while riding on a virtual horse; Horror Sense is a variation of the game Resident Evil where gamers would be scared by different bugs falling down on them; Dynasty Warrior is a war game where players will take part in virtual battles and feel fire and heat in the middle of fighting.

Koei Tecmo hasn’t said what brand of VR headset will be used in the cabin. All the details will be known at the Japan Amusement Expo 2017.

Full VR Experience in VR Sense

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