Daily Smart Voice Recording Gadget for Smartphones

Everyone has probably been in a situation where a very interesting and important comes into a head but then it disappears. Of course, smartphones provide users with apps for making notes but what if there are no mobile devices at hand? The solution to this problem is a smart voice recorder Senstone. This small device with a very peculiar design can be attached to clothes or worn on a wrist. If the user comes up with a great idea or a thought, he just needs to tap the device and say the thought out loud. The creators of Senstone say that this mobile accessory records voice even faster and more convenient than the app which can be found on every smartphone now.

Voice Recorder, daily gadget

Another advantage of Senstone is that it doesn’t require Internet connection for making notifications and recording. What’s more, Senstone is fitted with two microphones which do a great job at cancelling all external noise focusing on the words of the user.

All recorded “ideas” are wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone (iOS or Android). The front side of this gadget has 17 white LED lights – they show when recording begins and ends or when the battery is low. By the way, the battery lasts for about 4 days.

Senstone can be pre-ordered now for $100 on kickstarter.

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