Smart Skis for Winter Sport Fans

A famous skiing equipment company Rossignol created a concept of smart skis in cooperation with engineers from another company – PIQ. The device is called Hero Master.

Many skiers use fitness trackers or smartwatches for detecting reached results. But they can’t measure everything and looking constantly at a small screen isn’t convenient. Therefore, Rossignol decided to modify regular skis and presented their creation to the public. These skis have built-in sensors and the PIQ Robot microcomputer. Together, they gather live information and process it. The computer is operated by GAIA AI system which is a slight example of artificial intelligence.

Smart Skis for Winter Sport Fans

Apart from that, the skis have an LED screen underneath. The screen displays speed, corner, uphill or downhill angle and other important indicators for any skier. GAIA AI is actually aimed at extremely deep data analysis including small, almost invisible ski movements.

Rossignol isn’t likely to put Hero Master skis in mass production. Nonetheless, it will be a great piece of sports equipment for professional athletes. Hero Master will be introduced at ISPO 2017 in Munich.

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