Simple Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

Why do people need HDMI splitters or switchers? Most of the time they are used in electronic stores (displaying the same picture on numerous TVs), big malls (displaying support information or ads), concert venues or clubs. However, HDMI splitters can be quite helpful for house usage, especially if you have several appliances. Once you’ve decided to buy one, you must consider other questions, like whether you need many different features or just a regular, simple device. We’ve already covered a functional DotStone HDMI splitter but if you’re looking for simplicity, you have to look at the HDMI Bi-Directional Switcher from the same company.

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Simple Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

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While most devices in this category aren’t particularly small, this one really stands out of the while line-up. Basically, it’s a tiny cubical item that would easily fit in your palm and literally doesn’t take any space. Everything about this switcher exudes simplicity. Even a not very knowledgeable user could install it in a couple of minutes. There is no external power required, the connection is made only via HDMI cables. The only peculiar thing about this product is the switch button on top of it and two LED indicator lights. But are they for?

The button actually allows you to choose one of two modes: whether you transmit signal from one appliance to the other two or the other way around. This means that this switcher is bi-directional – the HDMI signal can go either way. The first example is quite regular for HDMI splitters: you connect one video source (laptop, TV box, DVD player) and the signal gets split and transmitted to 2 different appliances (TV sets, usually).
But the second example is different: two devices (DVD player and a gaming console, for instance) are plugged into the switcher and the signal goes to one TV set. That means that you won’t have to change cables if you want to connect another device. After watching a movie on the DVD player, you can easily switch to playing video games.
The direction of the signal can be changed by pressing the mentioned button.

Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

What about visuals and audio characteristics? There is no need to worry here – the switcher provides lossless signal transmission, both audio and video. Obviously, the switcher works with all devices fitted with an HDMI port. The list of these devices is wide: PCs, laptops, gaming consoles (XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4), projectors, TV receivers, TVs (including smart TVs), and others.
What is more, the switcher allows you to enjoy the most luxurious video and audio ever. It has a broad application range. Due to HDMI Capture, it supports all kinds of video formats, like 3D, 1080p, 2K x 4K resolution, and also HD audio.Simple Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

In general, these are the most important features about this product but we’d like to mention a couple of more interesting ones. The first is really crucial to all cautious users. The last thing you want to have is a malfunctioning “bridge” between your electrical appliances because it could easily harm them and even result in permanent breakage. However, in this case everything is completely safe. The maximum operation current is 15ma and the device is compliant with all HDMI Specification V1.0,V1.1,V1.2,V1.3,V1.4. But if something really breaks, there’s always 18-month warranty.

Simple Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher 3

Simple Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

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Another interesting feature of this switcher is long distance signal transmission. The input and output cables can reach up to 5 meters. Even when cables are that long, there are no signal loss or data transmission problems. The cables always maintain their high bandwidth of 3.4Gbps. This aspect may not be important for house usage but in big department stores there is an issue with cable length and signal quality. This makes DotStone Switcher suitable for a much bigger scale.

So, this HDMI bi-directional switcher from DotStone is quite an interesting device. It does all the basics: receiving signal from one device and splits it to the other two. But this one comes with a trick – the signal route can be reversed. This is what’s so appealing about this product. Add to that its miniature size and you get a very good option for all sorts of customers.

Simple Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

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