Best Portable Speaker with Alarm Clock and Radio

Love for music is something that all people share with each other. Almost everyone has a certain audio accessory, whether it’s a pair of headphones or a speaker. The latter is actually a very popular way of listening to music despite the high demand on headphones. Of course, some people can just find a certain song on their smartphones and turn it on but speakers always give something more in terms of quality. Today, we talk more often about Bluetooth or wireless speakers – practical and portable devices for mobile music experience. And one of the best devices is Ravio Mini by the company Oprout.

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Best Portable Speaker

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A good wireless speaker must have certain attributes, like design, small size or sound performance. Ravio Mini is quite impressive in all these categories and some others as well. We start with design, the first thing that any customer looks at. Here, the speaker boasts incredible compactness and beauty. Its size is perfect for any place in your house, whether it’s a shelf, a desk or a bedside table. Plus, this minimalistic design with a crisp LED display gives the speaker an elegant look. This is a great, even fancy addition to your home décor. Lastly, this is a perfect musical companion for all travelers. The speaker weighs only a pound (0.45kg) which makes it very convenient for carrying in a bag or a backpack.

Best Portable Speaker with Alarm Clock

Naturally, this is a wireless speaker which means that it connects to your mobile devices via Bluetooth. In fact, you can choose your favourite playlist from a smartphone or insert a microSD card in the speaker. That way, you’ll have access to music even without a smartphone. A little sidenote – Ravio Mini works fine with any Bluetooth-integrated devices from any brands whether it’s iPhone, MacBook, Android smartphone from Samsung or anything else.
Portable Speaker

Next aspect is something that we buy speakers for in the first place – sound quality and performance. Underneath stylish looks, there is an audio system that will make even keen music enthusiasts nod their heads with satisfaction. Ravio Mini is equipped with a couple of 52mm drivers which provide 10W of power combined. But that’s not it. The whole audio experience is even more vibrant because Bass and Low-Frequency Boost Technology. Manufacturers even call it “revolutionary”. There is a piece of truth here – due to this technology Ravio Mini concentrates on lows and bass delivering very well detailed, juicy sound. Obviously, mids and highs are also great, there is no distortion at any level. In short, you may be surprised to hear such beautiful sound from the speaker of its size but Ravio Mini exceeds all expectations.
Best Portable Speaker with Alarm Clock

However, when you buy a speaker, you always look at the list of other available features hoping to find something useful there. That’s exactly the case with Ravio Mini – the speaker has amazing functionality. If you want to hear some news, you can tune in on your favourite radio station and get the latest information. You can store 10 different stations on the speaker.

Portable Speaker with Alarm ClockThe mentioned display, by the way, is also a helpful source of information – it shows time, the amount of charge left and certain modes. The most useful mode here is alarm clock. You can actually set two alarms in order to wake up on time every day.
In addition, Ravio Mini has a built-in microphone. This and Bluetooth connection with a smartphone allows you to talk on the phone without using hands.

Last but not least, we should mention a very important aspect for a wireless speaker – battery time. Ravio Mini is powered by a 2200mAh battery – not a lot but quite enough for one day. But even if the battery is low, you can charge the speaker and still be able to stream music from a smartphone.

All in all, Ravio Mini speaker is definitely a thing of beauty. Basically, it has every quality of a great wireless speaker: style, portability, sound performance, plus a few helpful bonus features. And if you add affordability ($30), the offer becomes irresistible. This is a solid option for anyone who seeks for a portable music accessory.

Our conclusion is Oprout Ravio mini 10W Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Alarm Clock, Radio and Large Clock Display will be your loyal companion at home, outdoor activities or traveling.

Oprout Ravio mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
with Alarm Clock and Radio

Portable Speaker with alarm and clock

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