New Apple iPhone 8 Release date

In the last few years we got used to the fact that Apple presents iPhones in September and its sales start a week later. But before that, the company has to make the phone itself. This process usually starts in August. However, 2017 may bring the users something truly spectacular. So what’s going to happen this year?

Many analysts suppose that instead of August, Apple is starting the production of the new iPhone in June due to numerous innovations in the upcoming smartphone. The information is indirectly confirmed by Apple suppliers and experts from BlueFin Research Partners. Obviously, this doesn’t mean exactly that the presentation will take place earlier than usual. It seems like Apple needs more time to prepare for the mass production and repair all flaws if there are any. This can also imply that the first leaks of iPhone 8 will happen in early summer.

In any case, taking more time to get ready for the release means that Apple is really serious about its next smartphone. Customers expect a lot from iPhone 8: frameless OLED-display, absence of the Home button, wireless charging, glass body, and so on. Still, the rumours don’t bring actual information, so every Apple fan eagerly anticipates iPhone 8.

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